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frequently asked questions

what does your team training look like?

the girls all go through Miranda's brows 101 course. after they've completed that they move onto hands on training, practicing on models. some of the girls spend a month doing hands on, some spend a few months. there is no rush in training and it isn't until Miranda feels they've grasped the curriculum that they hit the service floor.

what is the difference between a senior and junior arch expert?

in order for us to maintain fair pay and pricing our pricing is tiered. senior arch experts have quicker hands and a bit more experience in the field than a junior. 

what is your cancellation policy? 

all appointment cancellations and rescheduling needs to be done with 24 hours notice to avoid our cancellation fee. we have a five minute grace period for appointments. clients who arrive outside of our grace period may be asked to reschedule and will not be exempt from our cancellation fee. 

where can I purchase pre and post care for my lamination service?

Sarah Maxwell Beauty

i'm trying to book with Miranda but it's asking me for a code.

the booking code is for Miranda's returning clients as she is not accepting new ones at this time. if you are a returning client please fill out our contact form with the first and last name on the account and we can get the code sent out to you. you can also add yourself to her waitlist here.

can you help me reschedule/cancel an appointment?

all rescheduling and canceling of appointments with 24 hours notice can be done via the squire app. you're also welcome to call the shop during business hours for assistance. please note that cancellations are not accepted via text and voicemail. 

how far in advance can I book?

Bookings are allowed thirty days in advance. If you are looking for a specific date, it will become available thirty days in advance at 7pm. 

it says that a time is available but it's not letting me book it.

if this happens it is because there is not enough time in that slot for the service you are requesting. 

how long should i wait before coming in for my first appointment?

we recommend a minimum of four weeks of growth for your first appointment.

does Miranda offer online training?

at this time brows 101 is not available online. However, there is a subscription service available on instagram where she teaches her protocols. 

which wax does Miranda use?

Nova Wax and satin smooth. we don't deviate from those two brands. 


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