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Miranda Lee

Founder & CEO

My specialty brow is a natural arch, preserving as much thickness as possible while also maintaining a flattering shape. 

I'm a mom to a five year old little boy and a twelve year old dog. I love reality television and have recently picked up a hobby for puzzles.


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Lead Arch Expert

A clients reaction after a service is my favorite. Especially when they have struggled so much to achieve their ideal brows. 

I have a fur baby named Xochitl and she's a sheepadoodle. She's my little hot mess and I enjoy spending time with her on my time off.

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Junior Arch Expert

My favorite brows to work on are the ones that haven't been touched it months. Cleaning them up and giving them a shape is so satisfying. 

I'm a mom to a sweet ten year old boy and a feisty three year old girl. In my down time I like watching anything scary or playing animal crossing. 

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Social Media Coordinator

My passion is helping people create their digital dream designs. Though I specialize in social media management and website design, I love working on all things graphic design. 

I am a proud female paramedic when I'm not running my business, Beach Glass Media full time.If I'm not working on creative projects you can find me buried in a book or practicing jiu jitsu.

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