Our Team.

Miranda Lee

"I got my esthetics license in 2015 and have specialized in brows since 2016. My favorite morning drink is anything with caffeine. An oat milk lavender latte is my latest favorite. My signature brow is as thick as possible, crisp, and naturally shaped."


"I’ve been licensed for 6 years and went straight to doing brows with Benefit cosmetics. I love iced lattes with oatmilk, the flavor depends on what I’m in the mood for or what people recommend. I just recently tried a white chocolate lavender one and it was amazing. I think for the longest I did a very defined eyebrow but now I’m embracing a more natural brow and I’m loving it."



"I graduated ogle in 2015 as an esthetician. I’m new to the brow industry and have only trained with Miranda. My favorite morning drink depends on my daily vibe. I’ve been really into celcius and Iced vanilla coffees lately. My signature brow will have you looking and feeling like your ready to conquer the world. Clean, beautiful and shaped to match each client."